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As a visitor to a California prison, it’s helpful to be informed of rules, regulations and the latest news. As a friend or family member of someone incarcerated in this state, it’s vital to make connections that support you and your loved ones.



The CSP~SAC IFC Website is here for you. We provide links, updated information, forms, CDCR Memos, and resources that enable you as a visitor at CSP~SAC  to access the information you need.




Please contact any IFC member by email or on-site during visiting hours with any suggestions, comments or questions.  You may also place your suggestions or comments in the locked IFC box located  in the lobby of Visitor Processing.   Notices are retrieved and addressed every month during our meetings.  Look for our  IFC bulletin boards in each of the visiting rooms.  They will provide you with current information including copies of our minutes and upcoming events.

This site is not a state-sponsored website. We are a volunteer organization, and are NOT part of the prison staff or administration.



Notices and Visiting Information:

HEALTH ALERT !!!  CSP ~ SAC has had an alarming increase of  extremely dangerous forms of illegal street drugs that have come into the prison.  They have resulted in numerous overdoses as well as loss of life.  Inmate Family & Friends can assist in helping create a safer environment by reporting information re:  introduction of any illegal contraband (cell phones, drugs, alcohol, tobacco) anonymously. 

CSP~SAC Hotline Call 916-985-7187 or email: Gotinfo.cspsac@cdcr.ca.gov (Gotinfo NULL.cspsac null@null cdcr NULL.ca NULL.gov).


Get On The Bus for 2018:  Dates pending


Family Visits for lifers are back!  Information is posted on a new page to the left titled, “Family Visits” as well as on the “Memos” page.  We will continue to add more information as it becomes available.



Temporary Suspension of Amazon as a Bookseller has been lifted.  CDCR has approved use by Amazon again for families.




The FeeService contract with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation has ended as of 6/30/2017. Inmate deposits will no longer be processed through this website or the associated telephone number.
If you have questions regarding a deposit that was previously made using this website, you can still contact support toll-free at (888) 643-1757 or via email at california@feeservice.com.


Prop 57 is in the news !  Updates can be found on our “Memos” page to the right.  Please visit that page and learn about the latest changes.  You may also visit the CDCR website at:

www.cdcr.ca.gov/proposition57 (http://www NULL.cdcr NULL.ca NULL.gov/proposition57)

This information will have a significant impact on inmates and their families.


 Friends Outside is open: The Visitor Center operated by Friends Outside has re-opened and is providing services as usual for all families who require a clothing change, transportation to and from the local area as well as child care services.    Updates will be provided here should changes occur.



LOOK WHAT’S NEW !!  Want to watch our talented men play music, sing, rap and read their poetry???  Click on our “Programs at SAC” page to the right and view The Poetry Slam and Talent Show DVD’s of the inmates.  Learn about the reading program recently launched at the institution, “Youth Connections“.  See a complete list of all programs available to inmates at the institution.


CASHLESS VENDING IS HERE !      This new process began the weekend of May 28, 2016.    Visitors will now be required to purchase a debit type card which can be used in the vending machines in visiting as cash will no longer be allowed. The new debit type cards will be available for purchase in the Visiting Lobby.  ARRIVE EARLY TO PURCHASE YOUR CARD !!   Full details are available on the page titled, “Vending”. Please VISIT THIS PAGE .  Read all information before you arrive for your visit to avoid any problems with processing.


Release of Medical Information:Attention all family members: as a reminder, please have the inmate update the contact information for his immediate family members with his counselor right away.  The institution must have current information available at all times in the event of an emergency.

Also, the release of medical information (form 7385) and Advanced Directives (form 7421) must be updated.  Forms are available at medical appts. and in each block. It is the inmate’s responsibility to see that these forms are up to date and in his file.  NO MEDICAL INFORMATION will be released to family members unless these forms are signed and in place.



GTL Customer Service Number:  1-866-607-6006.  On November 26, 2012, GTL  instituted changes to their billing system and now requires that every customer  have a prepaid account.  Contact GTL to make sure your account is set up correctly and is current to avoid cancellation of service to your phone no.

  • ATTENTION!  Adults bringing minors to visiting must present a certified birth certificate EACH TIME THEY VISIT.
  • Hotline Visiting Number: 1-800-374-8474 prompts 1, 1, 3. Always check the hotline for updates on visiting before arriving.  The visiting status is updated weekly or at any time as it relates to an unexpected event within the prison.


  • This is the current visiting status for CSP ~ SAC effective January 11, 2018
  • A Facility – PSU and Ad Seg inmates by appointment only.  Normal visiting for all other GP- A Facility inmates.
  • B Facility – PSU inmates by appointment only. No visiting for inmates housed in blocks 2,3, and 4.  Normal visiting for all other GP inmates.
  • C Facility - Normal visiting for all GP inmates
  • MSF – Normal visiting for all MSF inmates.
  • This information is updated every Thursday.  However, changes can occur prior to visiting on Saturday.  If we receive notice of a change, it will be made here.  However, if you travel a great distance, we urge you to contact the prison at 916-985-8610 ext 5010 with any questions about your inmate’s visiting status.  You must also call to schedule all non-contact visits.


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